Kestrel - formally known as ARCHMX6, UCD, URO3 Burri's Celestial Kestrel,CD,BN, PCD, RE,NA,NAP,NJP,NF, RATO, CD-C,FFX-AG,CL-3,RLVX15,TDIA,THD,SD-ND,CGCA,CC

born April 12, 2003 - she's a second cousin to Hawke, and quite the wild child!

Kestrel's recent Accomplishments:




2012 -

2011 On February 27th Kestrel earned her APDT ARCHMX!!!

In March she got her 2nd URO2 leg.
On July 24th she completed her ARCHMX2
And on October 2nd she finished her URO2.
In december she finished her RLV

2009 - Kestrel sat out most of 2009 after a TPLO surgery, but,Kestrel finished her RL2 title at All Dog's Gym on 8/15/09
And earned her TDI on 10/25/09. Kestrel completed her ARCH and ARCHX titles at Wag It in Lincolnville ME in November 2009, and her RL1x and RL2x.

In 2008, on February 3rd, Kestrel finished her NAP and NJP titles in AKC agility, and her NJP was with scores high enough to earn her the recognition of Front And Finish Excellent Gold for agility!!!! On September 21st, Kestrel finished her NF agility title! On September 28th , Kestrel finished her RL-1 APDT rally title with a near perfect 209!, and with scores that have earned her an APDT award of excellence!

in 2007

-On 9/29 Kestrel finished her UCD, on 9/20 she finished her RE at the PRLRC specialty, on 9/9 she finished her NA, Novice Agility.
On 7/29/07 Kestrel finished her CD - placing on all 3 legs!!!!
Kestrel finished her Level 2 title in June 2007 (CPE) and competed at the CPE National Trial in Nova Scotia, and she completed her RA in March 07.
2007 was great for Kestrel - 6 titles in obedience, rally and agility!!!!

ok so Spenser the Cat isn't thrilled...

She's growing like a weed...
and has a lot of fun with Hawke

Kestrel earned her CGC on 3/23/04, and she comes from a good background --


Kestrel in her special 'danner ........................................................... Kestrel in the Blizzard of 2005

Kestrel discovers the blizzard

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